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Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Charlotte Secondary School 2022-2023 Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Charlotte Secondary School is a Title I School. Our school receives funds from the federal government to help students improve in achievement. Title I money provides both extra teachers to work with children and additional funds to purchase materials, supplies, and training opportunities for staff and parents. The best education of students involves partnerships among the home, school, community, and other support agencies. The involvement of parents is important to the school community and to the success of our students. Parent involvement activities will be reviewed annually by parents.  The goal is to ensure parents are involved in the planning and implementation of the Title I program at Charlotte Secondary School.

Annual Public Meetings

Annual Fall and Spring meetings occur to inform parents about parental involvement requirements, school performance, and methods for measuring progress, school facilities and the School-wide Title I program. At the end of the school year, input is solicited from parents to plan, evaluate, and improve the program for next year. Meetings are held throughout the year to train and involve parents in the education of their children. Quarterly meetings are held to enable parents to see our focus for learning, quarterly expectations and data review as well as to involved parents in celebrating the success of our students.

Regular Meetings

Parents and students are encouraged to participate in Fall in order to gain information about the school’s performance the previous year, and to discuss initiatives for improvement for the current year. Teachers and administrators schedule parent/student conference whenever deemed necessary by the school or when requested by the parents. These conferences are held before, during, or after school hours.

Flexible Meetings

Regular and scheduled parent meetings or conferences are held throughout the school year, at various times of the day, to provide continued information, support, and resources for parents. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and attend all school activities.

Involving Parents

Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities. Information shall be provided through workshops, family activities, special events, individual parent conferences, educational materials and literature available through school programs and at the school. The school’s Student Assistance Team/ Multi-Tiered Support Team and IEP committees work with parents to assure parent training is adequate to assist their child with achievement strategies.

Parent Comments

At each meeting parents will be asked to participate in an evaluation in order that improvements may be made. Parents are also given surveys to complete. Parents and others may continuously provide input on any matter concerning our school. An open door policy prevails here at CSS. Parents are always welcome to share suggestions and comments with teachers, staff, and administration.

Parent Assistance

State and local expectations are shared with parents at the Parent Information Meeting in the early Fall. EOG/EOC results are shared at the Fall and Spring Title I Annual Meetings. Results are shared in the school’s newsletter and the principal’s letter to our parent community. All grades are sent home interim progress reports, quarterly report cards and special letters, which indicate the child’s progress.  In conjunction with these progress reports, meetings are scheduled with parents to discuss specific concerns.

Opportunities for LEP and SWD Parents

All parents are encouraged to attend school functions. Translators will be arranged for parents who speak languages other than English. Whenever possible, meetings are scheduled at the parent’s convenience. Transportation can be arranged, if necessary.

Parents with Limited English Proficiency, Disabilities, Migratory children
Parents of children with limited English proficiency or disabilities are afforded opportunities to participate fully and freely in all education activities at school. Once the need is identified, assistance shall be provided. Whenever possible, information is sent home in native language. Bilingual staff members, parents, ESL instructors and even students are assigned as liaison between home and school. Charlotte Secondary School is handicap accessible.

Education of School Personnel

School staff conducts ongoing reviews of student data to ensure timely reporting out of assessment data to the staff. This ensures the staff the tools to identify at-risk students and in turn, share this information with parents. On-going staff development initiatives are continually provided to the staff which focuses on effective communication with parents, establishing a school/family partnership, ways to involve parents, and suggestions for parents to work with children at home.


Classroom teachers and the administration send home notices on a regular basis, such as the Weekly Newsletter and Calendar, and progress reports, etc. Our school web page and the Power School Parent Portal are also tools for communication. Our ELL tutors and Spanish-Speaking staff are used to adapt communications for parents whose primary language is not English.

Coordinating and Integrating With Other Programs

Coordination with other programs is evident, starting with the school’s Leadership Team. Emphasis shall be placed on collaboration with Before and After School Tutoring as well as Summer Programs.


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