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FAQs For Re-Open 2020-21

FAQs To Reopen Charlotte Secondary 2020-2021

What will school look like when CSS reopens in August for the 2020-2021 year?

While we are working diligently to meet state standards for opening on August 17, 2020, we are still waiting on the state to make some final decisions. On June 8 every public school district in North Carolina received information from the state on safely reopening for the 2020-2021 year. Click here to review the reopening “took kit.” The State is considering one of three options listed below.  That decision will be made by July 1.

The three potential options are:

Plan A: Minimal Social Distancing Measures

Plan B: Moderate Social Distancing Measures (hybrid of plans A & C)

Plan C: Complete Distance Learning


What is CSS doing to create each plan?

We are working with all CSS staff to meet all state requirements for each of the states 3 plans.

When will families be notified of how school will reopen (plan A, B or C)?

Once the state has determined what plan they are choosing to implement, on or around July 1st.  CSS will release its plans within the same time period. Please understand that this is constantly fluid situation and the State’s deadline may shift. CSS will continue to communicate all and any changes as soon as possible.







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