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Charlotte Secondary Sports Information

We believe that competing in athletics provides opportunities for our students to grow in the areas of physical fitness, sportsmanship, teamwork and character. Being part of an athletic team at CSS requires hard work and dedication to meet responsibilities to the school, parents and teammates.

​There are athletics fees associated with each sport. For the 2018-19 school year, this fee is $100. Additionally, before a student is allowed to play a sport, they must submit a physical form for that academic year. Our athletes are held the highest standards in the classroom, outside the school and during competition.

​Code of Conduct for Student-Athletes at Charlotte Secondary

  • The student-athlete shall keep academics as their number one priority.
  • The student-athlete shall play for the joy of the sport, the success of the team, and to win.
  • The student-athlete shall play hard, but fairly, always mindful of the rules and the spirit/intent of the rules. The student-athlete shall treat opponents with respect, shaking hands after all contests.
  • The student-athlete shall respect the judgment of contest officials and accept their decisions.
  • The student-athlete shall exhibit exemplary behavior, thus serving as a positive role model for teammates, opponents, and spectators.
  • The student-athlete shall accept the privileges and responsibilities of representing self, school and community.​

Our goal is to  develop the total student-athlete. Our staff is completely dedicated to seeing that each individual is successful both on and off the field/court.

Please contact our Athletic Director:

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