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2021 School Reopening

Greetings Pheonix Phamilies

As the new school year is quickly approaching and we are very excited to regain some sense of normalcy as we come back into the building. As we plan for the upcoming year, we wanted to provide you with some information to help guide you.

2021-2022 Academic Calendar


The 1st day of school for students is Wednesday, August 25th


Students can pick up their schedules at Open House on Thursday, August 19th:

Middle School: 4pm-5:30pm

High School: 6pm-7:30pm

In addition to picking up schedules, you will be able to pay your athletic fees, join the PTO and get familiar with where the classes are so students can feel more comfortable on the first day. Schedules will also be available in PowerSchool on August 19th


In-Person: Students will have a full schedule in the building everyday. Masks will be required in the building at all times, along with daily temperature checks and weekly symptom surveys.


School will start promptly at 8am and end at 3pm, please see the bell schedules below  for specific class times. Students can be dropped off no earlier than 7:30am and need to be picked up by 3:45pm. Please also see the link below of the carpool map to know what direction to go in for arrival and departure.



Thursday August 29,2021 CSS will host a registration evening. If you are new to CSS this year, and you have not completed your registration process. Please join us from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Please bring your Birth Certificate,immunization records, proof of address ie; utility bill,  and a parent id and your students last report card. High School students please bring a transcript. Please note that their will not be any registration activities during Open House.

Middle School Class/Bell Schedule

Homeroom                    8:00 – 8:10

First Period                     8:10 – 8:55

Second Period               8:58 – 9:42

Third Period                   9:44 – 10:28

Fourth Period               10:31 – 11:15

Fifth Period                   11:18 – 12:03

Lunch/Recess               12:06 – 12:36

Sixth Period                   12:39 – 1:24

Seventh Period               1:27 – 2:12

Eighth Period                  2:15 – 3:00

High School Class/Bell Schedule

Homeroom                      8:00 – 8:10

First Block                         8:10 – 9:40

Second Block                    9:43 – 11:13

LUNCH                               11:16 – 11:51

Third Block                        11:54 – 1:25

Fourth Block                       1:28 – 3:00

Health and Safety Protocols

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CSS is committed to maintaining the care and safety of students, teachers, and staff at all times. In adherence to protocols outlined by the State of North Carolina, students returning to school for in-person learning will follow a set of prescribed guidelines to ensure our commitment to health and safety on school campuses.

Health Screenings
Daily health screenings will take place for students and employees as they arrive at school. Students who have a higher than normal temperature, do not feel well or start to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 (coronavirus) while at school will be isolated in a designated area, and the school will contact the student’s parent/guardian to ensure the child gets home safely. Employees who have a higher than normal temperature or start to exhibit symptoms will be sent home. In addition, employees who are not feeling well should stay at home. Parents are encouraged to keep a child at home if the child is not feeling well.

Personal Protective Equipment
The N.C. Department of Emergency Management has provided personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies for CSS if needed.

Face Coverings Required
As school reopens, all 6-12 students will be asked to wear face coverings for protection and reduce the coronavirus spread. The face coverings will be cared for and maintained by students and staff members. An exception will be allowed for students with medical conditions or disabilities.

Visitors to Schools
Non-essential visitors will be limited in school buildings and on school campuses until further notice to help ensure a safe environment for our students and employees.

Handwashing and Cleaning
Daily schedules must allow for frequent handwashing, and schools will regularly clean and disinfect classrooms, bathrooms,  equipment, furniture, etc. throughout the day. High traffic and touch areas will be a top priority for frequent cleaning.

The role of Designated COVID Staff Member/ School Nurses and Social Workers
School nurses and social workers play a vital role in supporting schools and providing care for students. Schools will designate a staff member as the COVID-19 contact person to coordinate all aspects of management and referral for presumptive cases when a school nurse is not on campus because the nurse is assigned to multiple schools.

The school nurse (or designated staff member) will provide continuing education for school staff regarding the proper use of PPE, social distancing of six feet, and other health and safety precautions. They will respond to parent calls and work to answer questions from stakeholders.

School social workers also have a critical role in supporting schools, students, and families, especially in efforts to make contact with a parent/guardian if a child is exhibiting symptoms while at school. Social workers will not be allowed to transport children who are sick, but they will be allowed to go to a student’s home to communicate with parents/guardians about the need to pick up students.

Social and Emotional Care for Students and Staff
CSS takes a “whole child” approach to the care of students, and through our school counseling programs and mental health services, support will be provided to students to ensure a healthy social and emotional state of being.

Through direct contact with students and families, observations, and feedback from teachers and staff members, counselors will work to address students’ social and emotional needs, especially when the coronavirus has heightened concerns about students’ social, emotional, and mental well being. With age-appropriate information and programming, information will be available to students, parents, teachers, and staff. Our counselors and other student support personnel will work to assure students that they are safe and that adults are available to support and help them.

Each morning through in-person meetings or a remote learning platform, students will be provided a daily check-in opportunity to ensure they are present, safe, and well. Counselors, classroom teachers, and administrators will work together to create programming to address student concerns, safety, and well-being.

Support for Employees
CSS will work to support teachers, school staff members, and other employees through our Human Resources Department.

The Human Resources Department offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide support for all school district employees. Human Resources will work to inform employees about the EAP and ensure that EAP information is readily available for employees at all schools and central department buildings.

Additionally, the Human Resources Department will provide information at all schools and central department buildings about work accommodations for high-risk employees and the leave option that is available through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Human Resources also will provide guidance to schools and central office departments about how to assist employees who have been exposed, tested positive, or displayed symptoms of COVID-19. Guidance from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services the Center for Disease Control (CDC) will be used to provide direction for an employee who has been affected by COVID-19 about the safe return to work.

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